It has been a minute since I posted and I left with asking for anyone’s experience with Nike’s newer shoe model called Free. Well since then I actually went to the store to try out a pair for myself and I have to admit, I was pretty shocked at what I discovered.

Not Bad

I think I have made it pretty apparent that I absolutely love Nike Shox and will defend them until the day I day. That being said, I immediately fell in love with these Free shoes that Nike came out with.

The idea behind the design is to mimic the feeling of just having bare feet but to obviously protect you more than having nothing on at all. I really did not think I was going to be into this idea because Shox are pretty much the exact opposite and loving them so much I did not think there would be any way that I would like these shoes but I was very surprised to find myself doing just that.

They are super comfortable and after running around all day in them you really do notice how amazing really light shoes feel. There is virtually no added weight to the shoes and you can really tell Nike put a lot of thought and effort into this design. Who would have thought less could be more?

But don’t worry. I am definitely not saying that these are in any way better than my beloved Shox, but I was surprised at how much I loved this model.

All Clear

It has been a while since I last posted so I am sure you all thought I found an infestation inside of my Shox and moved away to another country, didn’t you? Well my friends I am happy to say that my paranoia is gone and I have carried on with my normal life. I know that you can’t contain your excitement.

After Deliberation…

It’s normal for someone to completely and irrationally freak out after looking at something on the internet right? Well that’s what I keep telling myself and after reading my last couple of posts I realized I may have sounded a little bit like I am wearing a tin foil hat and I don’t leave my apartment. I may have went a little overboard and will never find myself doubting Nike Shox again… I promise.

Back to Shox…

Let’s put that little episode behind us, shall we?

So I noticed that a lot of people have compared Nike Shox to a newer model that they have come out with called their “Free.” A lot of discussion has come up in regards to which are better for running so you would think they would be similar shoes but they are actually pretty opposite.

Here is a pair of Frees and as you can see, they have virtually no added features and are designed to mimic a bare foot. Frankly, I don’t see how these could possibly offer any kind of support that could be compared to Shox and I would really have to try these out before I come to any conclusions.

Anyone have any experience with these things?

Now I Am Paranoid

Going to go in a different direction on this one; you guys need a little bit of a break from all the Nike Shox talk right? Well, it’s gonna happen anyways so strap in kids.

Can This Happen to Me?

Remember the horrifying picture on my last one of those shoes eaten by termites? Well, like I always do I immediately went back to the internet after posting that picture and started doing a little bit of uneducated research on this whole thing and now I have officially freaked myself out. I have never even thought of the fact that any one of us could fall victim to termites or some other terrifying creature whose sole purpose is to destroy everything, and apparently including your Shox, you have worked for and make your life miserable.

They Won’t Get My Shox

I don’t really know exactly what I was looking for to try and make myself feel better but everything I have found just freaked me out even more.

I probably went to 20 different websites just reading walls of information and they all basically said the same thing. Any of these little monsters can be hiding in your home for months and you could have absolutely no idea. I feel like I need to put all of my Shox and clothes inside vacuum sealed bags from now on…

I spent probably 3 hours just plowing through all of this info (like I was actually going to take action afterwards, but of course just proceeded to go to bed) from these random sites and found one that I kind of liked the name of here at and just like all the other websites that I was looking through, it terrified me.

Unless you have a full blown infestation of pretty much anything, chances are you will have no idea anything is even in your home and could be destroying it. If you don’t have someone who knows how to do a proper termite inspection and has experience, then there really is no way for you to see them. They could be in your walls and as I mentioned that I found yesterday, in your Shox.

You can’t really just lay out traps or poison or anything because if you miss even a couple of these tiny things that you can’t even really see, they will just breed and spread again. How scary is that? Even though I think I can safely say my Shox are free of bugs, I still want to call these guys and have them do a complete fumigation of my apartment anyways just to be sure and help me sleep at night.

Alright, I just had to get some of that off my chest. I promise I’ll get back to Nike Shox next.

Found an Interesting One

I just cannot get off this whole thing with people hating on Shox and haters in general. I’m kind of a loser and have been quite a hermit the past few months of my life and spend a lot of time just browsing the internet and reading or watching anything that kind of gets my attention, especially when it has to do with Nike and Shox.

Might Be A Legit Case

So I found a really interesting and pretty bizarre post on Yahoo Answers and kind of goes with those random exterminator videos I posted earlier. I don’t even know how I got there but that’s how everyone spends their time on the internet, right? Doesn’t everyone just start searching for one thing and then 3 hours later you stop and analyze what you are looking at and wonder how the hell you ended up there?

No, these shoes aren’t so tore up because of dancing. These were eaten by termites.

Don’t termites eat wood?? Jesus that is scary. Anyone else never really think about not so common disasters that you think would never happen to you but then when you think about what if it actually did and you just panic?

Even worse, this picture got me going further and deeper in the internet and found some dude talking about old Shox being the perfect home for a colony of bugs that he didn’t even know were there. How horrifying is that?

I guess if you let your Shox get to the point where you have holes in them, the little pumps could be a nice little home for anything small enough and provides tons of cushion. Alright, the haters might have a case with this one.

I Don’t Care

After talking about the haters yesterday, I have come to the conclusion that I do not care when it comes to other people’s opinions on Nike Shox and I am going to keep on supporting these shoes for as long as they come out. Well, as long as they tend to stay a little bit away from models like this one…

Even those are a little bit too much for me but it’s OK Nike I still support you!

What Is It With Haters?

I couldn’t help but get away from that body building forum that I found that was just absolutely trashing Nike Shox and everything they stand for. They have no support. The “shocks” break too quick. They are ugly. There are better shoes out there…

They just wouldn’t stop.

Remember these guys from one of my earlier posts? Well I found one site with reviews on them where people were absolutely TRASHING this company. Then I wandered on over to a totally different website with reviews and found people absolutely LOVING them.


I really think people who bitch moan and complain about companies or products, they really have some sort of hidden agenda going on. Either they just love to spew out the hate and negativity to unleash whatever the hell else they might be mad about, or they are just miserable people and want to drag everyone else down with them.

It did kind of make me feel better reading the two conflicting review sites. I’m sure there are just as many Nike Shox supporters like me as there are haters, right?

Am I the Only One?

I couldn’t help but head to the internet after my post talking about wearing Nike Shox for work and I was kind of surprised at what I found.

Is it Me?

There was a body building forum that had an entire page dedicated to how much Nike Shox suck.

Maybe it is just because I have had Shox and have been interested in them for as long as I can remember, but I feel like I am the only one who actually loves these shoes. I can’t help myself but I just find them comfortable.

Apparently there is a huge community out there who collectively hate the Nike Shox for various reasons but the most common reason I have found among different websites were the short life span on the actual shock parts. They say that they break very easily and don;t stay bouncy and cushioney for long enough but I kind of have to disagree.

I guess it has been a long time since I have done any real working out or physical activities in Shox but from what I have done at work and how frequently I am on my feet, I think they are great.

Have any of you guys had any real experience in Shox and how long they last after playing real sports in them?

These haters can’t persuade me!

Any Other Use?

I have been wondering a lot lately where the majority of Nike’s money comes from. Obviously I know they sell more shoes than probably any other company in the world, but I wonder if more people buy the shoes just to wear the name Nike or if the majority of people are buying them for some kind of purpose or benefit of having sports shoes.

My Job

So if you were interested enough to read my about page on this thing, you would know that I am a physicians assistant and I don’t plan on leaving the industry or this career anytime soon, if at all. The majority of the time I am on my feet and although I am not necessarily running around all over the place 24/7, it does help to have some comfortable shoes that I can count on.

I also don’t want to give you the impression that I am a surgeon or anything like that, I definitely walk less than any of the main doctors or physicians in my hospital but I still do my fair share of physical walking around.

Only Shox

Luckily for me, my job doesn’t have any kind of dress code when it comes to shoes and we can wear whatever we want, as long as they are completely covered of course. The Shox that I wear are more comfortable than any other shoe I have worn at work and they last forever.

See, now that I trashed Nike on my last one I am bringing back to nothing but love for Nike!

Again, Who Am I To Judge?

So if you caught my post yesterday, I pretty much trashed one of the earlier models of the Nike Shox which were called the Shox XT. I guess I didn’t do the research I should have but the internet is a place where we can all ramble about our thoughts with no real knowledge or research right? Well that seems to be the route I have been taking.

After further investigation on said model of Shox, it turns out these might actually have been one of the more influential pairs and one of the ones people remember as being among the best.

Let’s Keep in Mind…

Now granted, my criticism was based pretty much solely on the appearance of the XT model and I have never actually worn them so I couldn’t give any real opinions on the quality. I am standing by my opinion though, I still don’t really like the way these ones look and they are a little too bulky for my taste.

According to a much more well known Nike blogger from Sole Collector, these were actually said to be the best basketball training shoes that were available at the time and some of the most high tech shoes that had ever come out at the time.

Alright so maybe I jumped the gun a little bit before. Turns out Nike wasn’t just making their shoes bulky and flashy just to get people looking but were actually too busy designing some of the highest quality training shoes out there.

I am not the only one who is guilty of this though. I was surfing the internet and found this same judgement for other companies around like this one:

When I guarantee the same people writing these random posts criticizing them have never even tried or called these people.

I am going to do my best to stop allowing my uninformed self to pass judgment on the biggest shoe company in the world, but I can’t promise anything.

Not that they care whatsoever but I still love you NikeShox!

Shox XT

We saw my interpretation of Reebok trying to replicate Nike yesterday with their release of their “pumps.” I think Nike even tries to copy themselves when coming out with newer models and even though I love Nike Shox and everything that they decide to do, I think they dropped the ball a couple of times.

I think one of these times that stands out the most to me is their Shox XT model. It was definitely one of the earlier releases and if you have never seen these before check them out:

Alright Nike let’s take this down a notch.

I am all for shoes that stand out and attract attention, but not if it looks like those same shoes are screaming for attention and for people to stop everything they are doing and glare.

In my opinion, Nike saw the success of Shox as an opportunity to expand and just make an already great item better by making them even bigger and “shockier.”

We have seen many companies do this in the past, including Coke. I don’t know the year and much of the story behind it, but I know that Coca Cola decided to randomly change their recipe in the middle of it being the biggest soft drink company in the world and customers were mad. Very mad. So mad that this made a bunch of lists as one of the biggest flops a company has ever made.

Don’t follow this trend Nike and stick to the original clean look please.

Others Have Tried

Anyone Remember These?

Now that I have talked about why people don’t like Shox on my last one here, I figured I would bring it back around on this one and talk about why these shoes are awesome again! You know what I love about the Nike Shox? You know it is a great idea because you start to see other companies around you trying to match you but not copy. Nike sees this all the time and their Shox model was no exception.

Anyone know what these are?

I don’t know when this came out and I don’t remember one person to have ever bought them. I really only know about them because I love shoes so much but these are “Reebok Pumps.”

Can’t Compete

You might not think this was them trying to copy Nike because it’s not really the same concept but I know I remember these coming out at around the same time the Shox did only a year or so afterwards. You know Reebok looked over at the almighty Nike to get a peek at what they were doing and saw their Shox model.

There is no way that they could have tried to duplicate the design because that would be some kind of obvious lawsuit or something crazy but I think this was their next best attempt.

No other shoes have come close to what Nike has done and I love seeing other shoe companies try.

Stay tuned for more good stuff!